HOW TAME IS YOUR GORILLA? Check, circle, or fill-in all that apply:
1 - Do you know what you are paying your telco rep?
Total Monthly Telecom Spend*
36 Mo
Rep Fee
2 - Do your current sales reps create the commensurate business value
for you?*   
Yes   No   Some
3 - I trust my providers business leadership to guide our decision process.   
Yes   No  
4 - I trust my providers resources to solve our technical needs.   
Yes   No  
5 - I am very satisfied with how trouble tickets & upgrades are handled.   
Yes   No  
6 - Telecom upgrades & maintenance are a good use of my
employees time.   
Yes   No   Some
Contract/Services Evaluation Process
7 - I will start evaluating Network Services by*
/ /
8 - I am satisfied with only getting pricing from my current providers.   
Yes   No  
9 - I will start evaluating UC/UCaaS solutions by
/ /
10 - Contact me for a 20 min meeting to discuss this further.*
Yes, immediately     Yes, prior to next evaluation     No

* Required Fields
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