Ever feel like dealing with Telecom providers causes BRAIN DAMAGE?


  • Every EMAIL, PHONE CALL, COLLABORATION, and SAAS session requires it
  • Much of your CORE INFRASTRUCTURE and APPLICATIONS are in or moving to THE CLOUD


  • Whether your monthly invoice is $5,000 or $105,000 per month, your provider pays a 15% ongoing commission to a salesperson, you get little or no value from
  • Migrations have been painful, and/or disruptive
  • Not knowing if your CONTRACT, what you’re RECEIVING, what you’re being BILLED, and what you NEED, actually line up
  • Customer Service – whether technical or billing, issues are costly distractions, that burns your teams time
  • Don’t have the resiliency, visibility, or control you want
  • Just plain paying too much


“We have this crazy idea that if you pay a vendor money (even a telecom provider) they should provide a great experience. That’s why Comtel exists!”

– Aaron Brown, Vice President

CLAIM – Comtel, a boutique and niche technology firm can make a real difference, including eliminating the brain damage


  • Business intelligence to make the best business decision
  • Paves the way for a smoother implementation
  • Ensures expert level support is available

We will guarantee our R.O.I. or give you your money back, contact us for details.


Comtel spent over 25 years designing, refining, and applying a codified best practice "carrier management" to empower mid-market organizations success through smarter consumption of telecommunications and cloud computing technology.

 Pro & Managed Services     –     Ease of Engagement     –     Low-to-No Risk & Effort     –     Codified Expertise


Discover all the waste in your telecommunications spend including; outdated rates, unnecessary fees, unused services, and much more…


Be certain you have the most intelligently designed solution for your organization, while ensuring that it was competitively shopped…


Cash in on the 20% of your IT budget that sales reps are usually pocketing and see what Comtel can provide for dollars you’re already spending…


Eliminate the finger-pointing, missed deadlines, and brain damage that come from dealing with large telecom providers during a migration…


When implementing a UCaaS, Hosted Phone System, or Collaboration solution, the greatest risk is under-leveraging that expensive investment. Don’t let that happen…


Free your IT and Billing departments from dealing with the headaches and distractions the providers create, so that they can focus on performing their primary role at a higher level…